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Every time my friends come into town they are asking me where they should go eat, and I always find myself texting or emailing them places. Now, I just send them my link and they can see all the places in town I love.

Chi T.

Shanghai, China
I use TheBesty all the time to share restaurants and dishes I love with my friends. It’s easy to use, fun to rank my favorites, and neat to see places my friends love. The user interface is super nice and clean too, I love it!

Ronald C.

Los Angeles, CA
TheBesty is a great way to find the best spots without looking through thousands of reviews! I trust my friends and other foodies, and I’m over looking at places that all have 3 or 4 stars. What does a star mean nowadays? Plus, the ranking system is just cool.
Jason B.

Jason B.

São Paulo, Brazil
It’s fun to rank my favorite restaurants, and to have them all on one list that I can send people is extremely useful. I add places to my Besty List all the time so they are in one place for my friends to see, and then I usually get a text saying, great find! I rock with TheBesty!
Amanda P.

Amanda P.

Venice, Italy
I use the Besty Wish List any time I want to take my friends to a new spot we haven't tried. All the places I’ve been meaning to go are in one place for once!

Adelle D.

Santa Barbara, CA
I was traveling in Brazil and had no clue on where to grab a great meal. TheBesty made it easy to look up places my friends loved, and I instantly found a great place!

Ruth M.

Los Angeles, CA
TheBesty is a great tool to see restaurants my friends love, and to share places I love with my friends and family! I’m telling everyone now to create their list!

Michelle R.

San Francisco, CA
I love using TheBesty to keep a list of places I want to try instead of always trying to text myself places or put places in my phone. This is organized, and it’s super fun!

Julia T.

Birmingham, AL
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